Window Cleaning…Yourself

Cleaning windows yourself can be a daunting chore. Here are some tips to save you some time and get the results you want… just in case you are in a window cleaning emergency and we can’t fit you into the schedule by the time you need them done. 

What you’ll need:

  • windex or dawn dish soap & water and a small wet rag.
  • steel wool #0000 grade – a lesser grade will scratch your glass, so will those green scrubby pads! DON’T USE GREEN SCRUBBY PADS ON GLASS1!
  • Dry clean towels – hand towels are easier to use.
  • Windex and Newspaper DOESN’T WORK AS WELL AS A CLEAN TOWEL!
  • Elbow grease (steel wool cuts this down exponentially!) Don’t use on brand new windows…follow your manufacturer’s instructions!

This method can be applied to mirrors and shower doors.

  1. First put a teaspoon of soap into a gallon of water…unless you’re using windex. Then just spray the surface. If you are using soap and water just get your rag wet and use circle moves to wash the glass.
  2. If you have stuff that doesn’t easily move with the rag, use the steel wool. It works great on chrome, glass, tile and mirrors.
  3. Rinse the rag and wipe the surface you are cleaning to remove the soap.
  4. Then dry with a dry cloth. Keep folding the towel to get a dry surface. Move fast to prevent streaking. ?

clean towelsDawn dish soapsqueegee