Who is Joe's Windows?

Joe's Window Cleaning Company has been serving residential and commercial customers for over 20 years. We are licensed and insured. Our crews are highly skilled and experienced in window cleaning, gutter clearing, and power washing. We are proud to have unmatched ladder safety, with no claims - ever - in all of our years in business. We are easy to work with, and provide flexible scheduling of fast, affordable, quality work. 

Our crews respect you, your time, and your home. Ladder pads are used to protect your walls, and shoe booties are worn to keep your floors clean. We also provide power washing and gutter clearing service.

Check out our references all over the web.  We have recently noticed some excellent reviews on our local nextdoor.com site too, Thank you Neighbors!

Why Choose Joe's Windows?

  • We are licensed and Insured.
  • We respect you, your home and your time.
  • We wear booties to keep your floors clean.
  • We pad our ladders to keep your walls clean.
  • Our crews are experienced, fast and friendly.
  • Scheduling is flexible.
  • Estimates are free
  • We have excellent reviews on yelp and Home Advisor
  • Senior citizens receive 10% off.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning services are provided by performing an estimate at your property. The cost depends on your window count, and the time involved to complete the work. Some clients ask for exterior window cleaning, others prefer both interior and exterior. Screens are always included with In/out window cleaning. If your screens are removable from the outside, they will be included on exterior jobs. We wear booties inside your home, and pad our ladders to protect your walls. Drop cloths may be used to protect furniture that exists under skylights.


Tracks are the metal frames that allow side to side windows to slide open and shut. These are  an extra charge. They can become moldy, or full of debris, so the time needed to clean them is charged for as it affects scheduling time.

Power Washing

Power washing for walkways, driveways, siding, fencing, and decks is provided by an estimate at your property. The cost depends on the time it will take to clean the surfaces included in your estimate.

Please be aware that downtown areas are not allowing any power washing service to be performed unless the company has "water re-capturing" in place - We do not recapture any water used for power washing. We will need access to your outside water source.


De-webbing is a service we provide while window cleaning. Most cobwebs are removed within reach of the windows being cleaned. If you require more thorough de webbing services, we will add that as an additional service per your approval.

Gutter Clearing

Gutter clearing is provided by performing an estimate at your property. The cost depends on the time involved to complete the work. Other factors include the roofing materials. Some roofs require our crews to ladder around, because we are unable to walk on them, this creates more time to complete the work.

We blow off your roof, scoop out your gutters, test your downspouts with the blower to assure they are clear, and remove debris created by the work.

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