About Joe’s Window Cleaning Company

What's special about Joe's Window Cleaning Company?

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It's Our Crews...

Maybe you’ve been cleaning your own windows for years. You know what a daunting task it is…it takes all day to do it. Sometimes you need a ladder to reach the upper windows, and you just don’t want to climb up there! You might be surprised how affordable it is to hire a professional. You won't believe how fast they are.

Perhaps you have just cleaned your entire home, all the dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning is complete, but something just doesn’t seem right. Or you’ve just had your carpets cleaned and you see spots on them…but why?

Dirty windows…that’s why. Dirty windows create a haze over the clean in your home. Spots on the glass create spots on the floors. Once you get your windows cleaned, your home really feels completely clean.


We believe you should feel good about people you hire to work
in your home.

About Joe’s Crew

We believe you should feel comfortable with whoever you hire to work in your home, around your family, and your belongings. Our crews are friendly, respectful, and comfortable to be around. They are confident with ladder safety because they have years of experience cleaning windows in thousands of homes throughout Santa Cruz.  We believe our employees work hard, represent us well, and we appreciate them. We believe they deserve  a good wage.

Tips make people happy.

We have the right to refuse
service to anyone.

What we’ve learned from our clients.

  • Provide customer satisfaction!
  • Get excellent reviews all over the web!
  • Maintain unmatched ladder safety! (No claims Evuh!)
  • Be easy to work with!
  • Provide flexible Scheduling!
  • Provide fast, affordable, quality work!
  • Be respectful of customers, their time, and their property.
  • Always use ladder pads to protect walls.
  • Wear booties to keep floors clean.
  • Give free estimates.
  • Give senior discounts, they are deserved!




First time ever I've had my windows cleaned.  Read the reviews on Yelp and decided to use Joe's window cleaning service.

Was not disappointed they were on time, professional, efficient and very reasonable.  Was a great first experience and I will absolutely use them again.

I will never wash another window as long as Joe's window cleaning services are around happy customer.


Joe & Michele Nicholas




Joe's crew just left my house and my windows look AMAZING!!!  They were very efficient and thorough.  Great group of guys that worked swiftly and professionally.  This is the 2nd time I have used them and Joe's crew will always do my windows.  Highly recommend!!


 Santa Cruz


Joe's crew led by Premo did a fantastic job cleaning our more than 60 individual window panes, French doors and skylights inside and out, along with cleaning screens.  The crew was friendly, careful with furniture, wore booties inside and very thorough.  The price was very reasonable and we got the senior discount on top of it.  We would highly recommend Joe's!!

Joe & Michele started Joe's WIndow Cleaning in 1998 , one truck, and a willingness to work hard. Over the years our database has grown to over 3000 customers!  ? We now have employees, trucks, power washers, more ladders, and a lot more towels to wash!  We've seen a lot of beautiful homes with incredible views, and met thousands of awesome people who are a pleasure to work for. Thank you for recommending us to friends, family and neighbors, and thank you for your heartfelt reviews on Yelp!, HomeAdvisor, and nextdoor. We haven't had to advertise lately, thanks to word of mouth
- the best kind of advertising!

We are now in the position to give back. Check out our community page for some examples of gift cards we have donated to local causes. We support the Aptos History Museum, Aptos Chamber of Commerce, and a few individuals who had amazing people raising money to get them through tough times. Call us if you need a gift certificate donated to your silent auction event. (831) 688-7133. Gift certificates make great gifts too.